"2 next meeting" Puremoru, local sake, 13 species of wine "premium second meeting course" 4 dishes 2 hours premium all-you-can-drink

"2 next meeting" Puremoru, local sake, 13 species of wine "premium second meeting course" 4 dishes 2 hours premium all-you-can-drink

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    Puremoru, 12 species wine, Premier shochu, sake and more! 2 hours premium all-you-can-drink

21:! 00 also in the second meeting course second meeting of a second meeting course for customers with "! I want to drink a lot of good drink" and the daily food 4 dishes, premium in the all you can drink for 2 hours Maltz < fragrant Yale>, 11 kinds of wine, shochu, authentic plum wine, the contents of the also all-you-can-drink of the ultra-rich, such as local sake!


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[4 goods of daily]

1, appetizers

2, appetizer

3, fried food

4, dessert

※ There is that the content is changed by the purchase.

[2 hours premium all-you-can-drink] all 120 type

Premium Malts <fragrant Yale> barrel production, Maltz barrel production

Wine 11 species (red five, white five, rose one) + sparkling wine

Premier shochu (red donkey, Baoshan auspiciousness, Tiger & Dragon, Sato wheat, middle people, etc.)

Authentic plum wine, fruit wine

Whiskey (square bottle, Jack Daniel, Maker's Mark)

Sake (Japan Takami, Ichinokura, deadline Chotsuru, Suehiro)

Sawa -, sake high, cocktail

Soft drinks, non-le-call cocktail

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All-you-can-drink menu

Beer, sake, wine
Premium Malt <fragrant Yale> barrel production, 11 kinds of wine (red five, white five, rose one, sparkling wine), sake 4 liquor (day Takami, Ichinokura, deadline Chotsuru, Suehiro), square bottle, Jack Daniel, Maker's mark
Premier Shochu
- Fluffy Kagamitsuki [acerola, yuzu], black Kirishima (potato), Sekitoba (potato), Baoshan auspiciousness (potato), Tiger & Dragon (potato), Seikoudoku (potato), Sato wheat (wheat), middle. (Wheat)
- Sawa -, sake High
- Oolong high, green tea high, grapefruit, lemon, lime, plum wine, Muscat, orange, tomato, Calpis, mango, collagen nor Sawa -, collagen Yuzu Sawa -
· Plum wine, fruit wine
· Obasa of plum wine, Tsuruume-ripe ~, strawberry plum wine, honey plum wine, Ichinokura Himezen plum wine, Tsuruume yuzu, Miyama wine, fragrant tea liquor, unload liquor, Aiichigoshu, Toriumi piedmont yogurt drink
· Karuamiruku, gin and tonic, Moscow Mule, Bulldog, Keira Sunrise, Cassis Orange, reggae punch, mango Pine, Muscat Orange, such as about 60 or more!
·Soft drink
Soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails also has a large number available!
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 17

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