"Extreme Course" ◇ Sendai Beef, JapanX Pig, Jinhua Mackerel ◇ 9 items 150 minutes All you can drink (Tanaka, Hakusakuni, Festival etc)
"Extreme Course" ◇ Sendai Beef, JapanX Pig, Jinhua Mackerel ◇ 9 items 150 minutes All you can drink (Tanaka, Hakusakuni, Festival etc)
5000 Yen

5500 yen → 5000 yen with coupon use (tax included)

9 cuisines including Sendai beef steak, Japan X pork loin grill, Jinhua sushi mackerel, grilled sashimi and so on, all you can drink is extremely limited to more than 12 kinds of course limited local sake (Tanaka, Buraku star, Festival etc) and "Premoles < "Ale fragrant" "Domestic wine" Japan premium ", 12 types of wine including sparkling wine" "10 types of shochu" with luxurious drink all you can!

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«The contents are an example»

[With earlier]
Appearance of commitment
- Seasonal small bowls that match sake -
Four luxurious make-ups
- Market direct delivery! Seasonal sashimi prime -
Seasonal vegetable coloring salad
- Finished in dressing at all -
JapanX loose grill
- Miyagi 's brand pig raised in Zao -
Broiled from Ishinomaki Jinhua Mackerel
- The mackerel cooked off the local Kinka volcano -
[Western dish]
Sendai beef steak
- Sendai cattle with the highest grade A5 rank!
[Strong Relishes]
Bamboo chicken egg with thick roasted egg
- Bamboo chicken egg in Mr. Shiroishi "Bamboo Chicken Farm"
Homemade cucumber pickles
- Homemade Pickled Pickles -
- Mixed eels and sauce -

※ There is the case that the content is changed by the purchase.Please note.

【Premium Course Limited! All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat in 10 daily places】

<One example of one day>

"Take sake special net rice" "Kudoki superior net America Daiginjo Miyama Nishiki 44" "Yuraku star special rice"
"Nitaka Takami dry brewing book" "Matsushima special net raw rice storage liquor of snow", "Ichinomi undisciplined dry"
"Fugu Shiki Special Crucible Non Filtered Raw Wine" "Late Zhang Zhang Citrus Freshly Raw Sake"
"Bakuren Ginsei Ultra Dry Tortoise's Tail" "Now Special Rice"
"Iso boast different brewing" "Festival Junmai Daiginjo 50"

All 12 kinds of preparations were prepared on this day! Of course it is all you can drink.
We will contact you if you have any stocks you like! Please tell us when you make a reservation !!

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      Until the end of September, 2017