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Celebration ★ 16th Anniversary "Takumi Course" ◇ This tuna flour, A5 rank Sendai beef steak, 10 items such as oversized dream oyster, 150 minutes

Celebration ★ 16th Anniversary "Takumi Course" ◇ This tuna flour, A5 rank Sendai beef steak, 10 items such as oversized dream oyster, 150 minutes

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  • 10items
  • 260persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    All you can drink for 150 minutes! Include more than 12 kinds of sake (Tanaka, Hakusho star, Festival etc) & Japanese wine "Japan Premium"!

Celebration ☆ 16th anniversary! With luxurious book tuna piercing! All 10 items of luxury cuisine including Sendai beef steak, special Kawamoto direct sashimi, Ogaki's big dream oyster, Miyagi brand pig JapanX! All you can drink is premium malt < 12 kinds of wine including nationwide wine "Japan Premium" + 12 kinds of wine including sparkling wine, luxurious drinks all-you-can-eat wine, domestic wine "Japan premium" such as "Aroma Yale", "Taju" "Hakara star" There is 150 minutes!


☆ 16 th anniversary special course ☆

This tuna heap, with Sendai beef steak

[With earlier]

Appearance of commitment

- Seasonal small bowls that match sake -


Luxurious book tuna piling

- It is a flourish of exquisite book tuna alone -


Seasonal vegetable coloring salad

- Finished in dressing at all -


Kumamoto direct delivery! Special selection horse sting

- Direct shipment from authentic Kumamoto! -


Grilled Miyagi brand pig JapanX

- Miyagi Zao brand raised with rich natural blessings -


Ogachi's big dream oyster

- Extra large size raw oysters from the prefecture -

[Western dish]

Sendai beef steak

- Sendai beef of the highest grade A5 rank!

[Strong Relishes]

Thick-baked bamboo chicken egg

- Bamboo chicken egg of Mr. Shiroishi "Bamboo Chicken Farm"


Homemade cucumber pickles

- Homemade Pickled Pickles -



- Chicken with pork -

※ There is the case that the content is changed by the purchase.Please contact us for more details.

.ooo ☆ 彡ooo ☆ 彡ooo ☆ 彡ooo

【Premium Course Limited! All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat in 10 or more species】

<One example of one day>

"Tai-sake special net rice" "Good Kudo Jun US Daiginjo Miyama Nishiki 44" "Yuraku star special rice"

"Nippon Takami Dry Book Brewing" "Matsushima Special Net Rice Storage Liquor of Snow" "Dry Nozo Nozomi"

"Fugu Shiki Special Crucible Non-Filtered Raw Wine" "Luding Zhang Crane Shibori Fresh Raw Sake"

"Bakuren ginsei super spicy turtle's tail" "Now special rice"

"Iso-boasted different book-brewing" "Lucky net Junmai Daiginjo 50"

All 12 kinds of preparations were prepared on this day! Of course it is all you can drink.

We will contact you if you have any stocks you like! Please tell us when you make a reservation !!

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer, wine, others
· Premium Malt <fragrant ale> 12 kinds of glass wine including barrel raw, molts barrel, japan premium "Muscat Baley A, Koshu", sparkling wine, square bottle, jinbeam, jack daniel, maker's mark
· Shochu
· Tiger & Dragon (potato), Tiger & Dragon (potato), Tairy & Dragon (potato), Southern barley (wheat), Sato Wheat (barley), Wheat noodles (acerola, yuzu), Red Kirishima (potato), Black Kirishima ), Middle (Wheat), other daily changes
· Sawa -, Shochu High
· Oolong High, Green Tea High, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Plum wine, Muscat, Orange, Tomato, Calpis, Mango, Collagen is also Sawa -, Collagen Yuzuawa -
· Plum wine, fruit wine
· Plum wine of Koshimasa, Tsurumemei ~ ripe ~, strawberry plum wine, honey plum wine, Ichinomi Himezumi plum wine, Tsurumemei yuzu, Fuyu grape wine, Fuwa tea wine, Apricot sake, Indigo tea wine, Chokai mountain foot yoghurt sake
· About 60 kinds or more such as Karuamiruku, gin tonic, Moscow, Bulldog, Keira Sunrise, Cassis Orange, Reggae Punch, Mango Pine, Muscat Orange, etc.!
·Soft drink
· Various soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails are also available!
· Take sake special net rice (Aomori), Fukushima special pure rice (Fukushima), Yuraku star special rice America (Miyagi) 【Others】 Kiku Izumi (Aomori), Mutoku Yasen (Aomori), Toyu (Aomori), 1 Akita (Akita), Kudoki (Yamagata), Aka Sakura (Yamagata), Takami Takami (Miyagi), Daejong I (Miyagi), Urazaki (Miyagi), Hachihama (Niigata), Kyushu (Aichi), Black Dragon (Fukui ), Isao Shogun (Shizuoka), Yu Festival (Yamaguchi) and more than 10 species prepared daily!
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

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