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"Ya course" ◇ Miyagi's brand pig JapanX, Ogaki Oyster (subject to change), Okinawa 50 OK ◇ 8 items Premium drink

"Ya course" ◇ Miyagi's brand pig JapanX, Ogaki Oyster (subject to change), Okinawa 50 OK ◇ 8 items Premium drink

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    Premium Malts <fragrant premium>, 6 kinds of sake and 11 kinds of wine are OK! All-you-can-drink for 2 hours! ※ Over 500 kinds of Japanese sake at more than 12 kinds of sake! 「Tanaka」 「Hakusho star」 etc. will be added!

Local Miyagi Zao's brand pig "Japan X grill", Ishinomaki Ogaki "raw oyster", thick bamboo egg egg thick roasted, stuffing etc. 8 dishes & premium malt <fragrant ale>, 6 kinds of local sake + limited time only Festival Junmai Daiginjo 50 "also OK, 11 kinds of wine + sparkling wine, authentic shochu (Kikuchi Baoshan, Sato wheat etc.), 120 kinds of all" 120 premium all you can drink "including fruit liquor ※ with + 500 yen sake 12 "Tanaka" "seeds" "Begaku star" etc. added


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<Example> (The food is also available on a daily basis)


Seasonal vegetable coloring salad

- Finished in dressing at all -


Three bamboo groves

- Market direct delivery! Seasonal fish sashimi -


Oguchi Ishinomaki Produced oyster

- Rich and creamy oysters! -

※ If you are not good at baking, you can change it to other dishes

[Strong Relishes]

Thick-baked bamboo chicken egg

- Bamboo chicken egg of Mr. Shiroishi "Bamboo Chicken Farm"


Grilled Miyagi brand Pork Japan X

- Miyagi Zao brand raised with rich natural blessings -


Chicken scissors tempura

- Chicken tempura (Kashiwa heaven), Date with salt salt -


Homemade cucumber pickles

- Homemade Pickled Pickles -



- Chicken with pork -

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※ There is the case that the content is changed by the purchase.

Please contact us for more details.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer, wine, others
· Premium Malt <fragrant ale>, 11 types of glass wine (5 red, 5 white, 1 rose and 1 sparkling wine), sangria, square bottle, Jinbeam, Jack Daniel, Maker's Mark
· Shochu
· Tiger & Dragon (potato), Tiger & Dragon (potato), Southern barley (potato), Sato wheat (wheat), middle grains (wheat), Midori (Acerola, Yuzu), Black Kirishima (potato), Red rabbits (potato) , Other daily changes
· Sawa -, Shochu High
· Oolong High, Green Tea High, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Plum wine, Muscat, Orange, Tomato, Calpis, Mango, Collagen is also Sawa -, Collagen Yuzuawa -
· Plum wine, fruit wine
· Plum wine of Koshimasa, Tsurumemei ~ ripe ~, strawberry plum wine, honey plum wine, Ichinomi Himezumi plum wine, Tsurumemei yuzu, Fuyu grape wine, Fuwa tea wine, Apricot sake, Indigo tea wine, Chokai mountain foot yoghurt sake
· About 60 kinds or more such as Karuamiruku, gin tonic, Moscow, Bulldog, Keira Sunrise, Cassis Orange, Reggae Punch, Mango Pine, Muscat Orange, etc.!
·Soft drink
· Various soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails are also available!
· 6 to 7 kinds of daily changes such as Ichinose, Nichimen, Hikaru Ichi, Aki Sakura, Black Dragon, Tsang Zhang Crane etc. + Duration: limited to "Festival Junmai Daiginjo 50" Seasonal alcohol and so on are also available.Please let us know in advance if you have any stocks you would like! * More than 12 kinds with + 500 yen! "Tanaka" "Hakusakura" etc. will be added.
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